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European Voices I. Multipart Singing in the Balkans and the Mediterranean. 
Edited by Ardian Ahmedaja & Gerlinde Haid
Wien. Böhlau. 2008.(With Summaries in German).
CD and DVD with Audio and Video Examples Included.

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The Institut für Volksmusikforschung und Ethnomusikologie (IVE) and the Böhlau Verlag are pleased to present Volume 22 of their series “Schriften zur Volksmusik” with the res- ults of long-standing cooperation among specialists of multipart music in southern Europe. In this volume, the latest results of researchers with extensive fieldwork experience are presented in word, sound and pictures. In addition, singing styles which were previously unknown in the scholarly literature, such as those of Spain and the French mainland, are examined for the first time. The inclusion of the Balkans was a decisive factor, also in or- der to perceive the musical cultures of this area as definitely belonging to the European cul- tural tradition, which is still not taken for granted. 


  • Introduction
  • Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco:
    The Politics and Aesthetics of Two-Part Singing in Southern Portugal
  • Jaume Ayats and Sílvia Martínez:
    Singing in Processions and Festivities: A Look at Different Models
    of Multipart Singing in Spain
  • Jean-Jacques Castéret:
    Mainland France Multipart Singing: Of Men and Patterns
  • Mauro Balma, Liguria:
    A Multipart Song from the Alps to the Sea
  • Giorgio Adamo:
    Social Roles, Group Dynamics and Sound Structure in Multipart Vocal Performance:
    The Female Repertoire for Good Friday at Cassano allo Ionio (South Italy)
  • Ignazio Macchiarella - Harmonizing in the Islands:
    Overview of the Multipart Singing by Chording in Sardinia, Corsica, and Sicily
  • Joško Ćaleta:
    Modern Klapa Movement- Multipart Singing as a Popular Tradition
  • Sofija Bajrektarević:
    About Multipart Singing in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Lozanka Peycheva:
    Multipart Songs and Transformation: A Bulgarian Case
  • Ardian Ahmedaja:
    Changes within Tradition: Parts and their Number in Multipart Songs among Albanians
  • Thede Kahl:
    Multipart singing among the Aromanians (Vlachs)
  • Rudolf Brandl:
    New Considerations of Diaphony in Southeast Europe
  • Rudolf Brandl:
    Neue Überlegungen zur Diaphonie in Südosteuropa